Alan Durand
Alan Durand Jarod Joseph-1
General Information
Real name: Alan Durand
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Jarod Joseph



Alan Durand was a Member of Edward Fyers Mercenary Unit based on Lian Yu. His role on the team was Radio and Computer Technician and Spy. One of his big missions was try to locate, gain trust and capture Oliver Queen however he failed his mission after his first meeting with Oliver Queen who quickly suspected he was a spy for Edward Fyers.


When Oliver Queen, Slade Wilson and Shado were found and captured by Yao Fei under orders of Edward Fyers who threaten him with bombing Lian Yu if they were not found. Upon arriving at The Mercenary Unit's Base Camp Oliver Queen quickly learned he was exactly right about Alan Durand and in rage that he should of killed him. Soon after freeing themselves and attacking The Mercenary Unit Oliver Queen and Shado killed Alan Durand together by stabbing him and breaking his neck.

Powers and Abilities


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