Australian Secret Intelligence Service
Slade Wilson Manu Bennett and Joseph Wilson Liam Hall-3
General Information
Founder(s): Australia
Leader(s): Prime Minister
Former Members: Slade Wilson
George Harkness
Billy Wintergreen
Joseph Wilson
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Australia



The Australian Secret Intelligence Service also known as ASIS is The Australian Government Intelligence Organization Agency. Some time long ago The Agency had three well known Members on their Team before they left and they were Slade Wilson, George Harkness and Billy Wintergreen. One of the most well known Black Ops the organization ever ran but resulted in a complete failure was sending in a Two Man Unit of Slade Wilson and Billy Wintergreen to try and rescue Yao Fei from The Island known as Lian Yu from Mercenary Leader Edward Fyers however the entire Operation turned into a complete failure for The Agency.





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