Barricade 01
General Information
Real name: Lars (Last Name Unknown)
First Appearance: Detective Comics (Vol 1) #556 (November,1985)
Created by: Joey Cavalieri
Jerome Moore
Abilities: Master Martial Artist
Master Archer



Brother Lars was one of the monks at the Sanctuary, an ashram in the countryside outside of Star City. The Sanctuary has several fairly famous pupils Oliver Queen, Sandra Hawke, Connor Hawke, Onyx, etc. Whilst he was very good with the monks' martial arts regimen, Lars did not adhere to the peaceful philosophy of inner contemplation and seemed chiefly interested in power both the one the martial training gave him, and the rumors about the master of the ashram having two magical items, the Wisdom Key and the Book of Ages, that could grant great power. Over the years, Lars won a legion of followers in the monastery. He poisoned the master Abbott so that he could take over and the Book of Ages for himself. The Abbott sends Onyx in search of Green Arrow hoping he can save the monastery. Together Green Arrow and Onyx defeat the renegade monks, but can't prevent Lars opening the book. When he opens the book which would have been his triumph it turned out to be his curse as the meat and skin from Lars disintegrated leaving only a skeleton still holding the book.


Even after his death, the renegade monks remained faithful to him, using the knowledge of the alchemical Book of Ages, to reverse the spell that killed Lars and even built a suit of armor, where the book was hidden, it was the only way for Lars to live. The monks explained to him that they could have restored his human form if he had the Wisdom Key, whose owner was Onyx. Once Lars, now called Barricade, starts hunting Onyx, finding her in the record store Sounds OK, in Seattle. Onyx can do nothing against the now powerful Barricade. Green Arrow and Black Canary intervened; Green Arrow eventually deduces that Barricade should have the book in his armor and then shoots an arrow that dislodged the book. Barricade immediately disintegrated into a pile of bones, his armor also falling apart.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Master Martial Artist
  • Master Archer
  • Leadership



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