Brutale George Tchortov
General Information
Real name: Guillermo Barrera
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: George Tchortov



Guillermo Barrera also known as Brutale is a mercenary and an assassin, mostly operating abroad.

Kill Order on Malcom MerlynEdit

Barrera is hired by China White to kill Malcolm Merlyn, under the order of Moira Queen. The moment he arrives in Starling City's airport with his helicopter, he's confronted by Green Arrow, and after a brief fight, he's killed. After Green Arrow takes his phone he ask Felicity Smoak to hack into it in hopes of identifying his target. Eventually hacking into his phone, Felicity Smoak identifies his target to be Malcolm Merlyn.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Barrera showed to be quite a good fighter, fighting almost to an even Green Arrow. He uses many kind of blades, and deploys in combat both hand knives and throwing knives.




  • Coming Soon


  • His Appearance in Arrow will be the First Live Action Appearance of Brutale. It was also his First Appearance outside of the Mainstream DC Comic Books.

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