Deathstroke Vol 3-1 Cover-1 Teaser
General Information
Type: Monthly Series
Published: October 22, 2014
Creators: Tony S. Daniel
James Bonny
Sandu Florea
Tyler Kirkham
Andrea Sorrentino


The Deadliest Mercenary in The DC Universe, a.k.a. Slade Wilson (as seen on The CW TV Series Arrow) Stars in His Own New Monthly Series Written and Drawn by Tony S. Daniel SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN, DETECTIVE COMICS). See Deathstroke as never before in this exciting new series, with one surprise after another as we see Slade Wilson in the fight of his life! He is, without question, the world’s greatest assassin and one of the most feared people on the planet he’s been a mercenary for hire after his involvement in Team 7, has been recruited onto Task Force X, a.k.a The Suicide Squad now we'll get to know more about the complex man behind the missions. Daniel will tackle both Writing and Illustrating The Monthly Series, and will be joined on Art by Sandu Florea (SUICIDE SQUAD).

Deathstroke (Volume 3) Story Arcs

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Deathstroke (Volume 3) Issues



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