Sean Sonus Steve Bacic
General Information
Real name: Sean Sonus
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Steve Bacic



Sean Sonus also known as Discord was a criminal Metahuman from Central City who was a drug dealer who killed Central City Police Department Officer Vincent Sobel and nearly killed his partner Dinah Drake. However he was stopped because of The Event of The Particle Accelerator which gave him powers and knocked unconscious allowing Dinah Drake to escape who also got powers as well. He eventually moved to Hub City and became a well known criminal taking command of the crime activity of Hub City after crime lord Tobias Church left for Star City.


Every since leaving Central City he and his men were being hunted by Dinah Drake who wanted revenge for the death of her partner who he killed. However even being hunted by Dinah Drake he even gained the attention of Team Arrow as well causing his operations big problems. However soon his operations were taken down by Team Arrow and he was confronted by Dinah Drake who eventually kills him fulfilling her revenge.

Powers and Abilities


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