General Information
Real name: Lester Buchinsky
First Appearance: Detective Comics #644 (May, 1992)
Created by: Chuck Dixon
Tom Lyle
Affiliations: Formerly The Society
Suicide Squad
Bomb Squad
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Lester became the third Electrocutioner after his brother's death. He had the same powers as the previous ones and tangled with Batman, Robin and Nightwing. He was pretty lousy at first working with Cluemaster to pull a heist on an armored car filled with money but Cluemaster's own daughter Stephanie Brown also known as Spoiler stopped him. He then partnered with a giant brute who believes himself to be intelligent and frequently got in the way of his schemes. He seemed to have gotten past that stage and is now under the employ of Blockbuster in Blüdhaven.


He later worked as a pawn for Prometheus, planting the device that would level much of Star City. Green Arrow recognized his part in the destruction, and vowed to hunt him down and kill him. Green Arrow tracked him down, but Speedy had already found him. They beat him to a bloody pulp, but at the last minute Green Arrow realized it wasn't right to kill anyone. Electrocutioner was taken to jail. Once he awoke from his coma, Roy Harper vowed revenge. He broke into the jail and killed Electrocutioner, despite all of Green Arrow's protests.

Powers and Abilities

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  • Like many heros and villains, two other people have used his identity one of the previous Electrocutioner's was Lester's brother.
  • One of the previous characters to be called the Electrocutioner started out as a hero but dealt extreme justice to criminals.


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