Doctor Brion Markov
Brion Markov Eric Floyd
General Information
Real name: Brion Markov
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Eric Floyd



Doctor Brion Markov was a scientist who worked for Unidac Industries which was a subsidiary company of Queen Consolidated. He developed a earthquake device known as the Markov Device that has the power to cause massive a earthquake. He built this device under orders of Malcolm Merlyn who wanted to use it as part of his personal mission along with his secret organization known as Tempest to destroy The Glades in Starling City. This personal mission and plan of Malcolm Merlyn's was simply known as The Undertaking.

Death By The Dark ArcherEdit

Once the Markov Device was ready Malcolm Merlyn came to get the device as The Dark Archer to set his plan in motion. Having no use for Brion Markov anymore The Dark Archer killed him and his colleagues along with destroying the building so no one could reveal his plan known as The Undertaking.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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  • His Appearance in Arrow will be the First Live Action Appearance of Geo-Force. It was also his First Appearance outside of the Mainstream DC Comic Books.

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