Green Arrow
Green Arrow The Brightest Day-1 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Green Arrow (Volume 4)
Issue Number: 1
First Published: June 23, 2010
Previous Issue: None
Next Issue: Green Arrow #2

Synopsis for "Man of The People"Edit

Green Arrow The Brightest Day-1 Cover-2

Green Arrow: The Brightest Day Issue #1 Cover-2

A woman who is a community outreach worker is being chased by a gang into the mysterious forest that sprung up in Star City when most of the city collapsed. Just as she is caught by her persuers, Green Arrow shows up and wounds her attackers. Green Arrow and the woman discuss the mysterious nature of the forest, Green Arrow's exile, and the decrepid state of Star City. Green Arrow expresses regret at running Queen Industries into the ground. Meanwhile, a group of executives, including Walter Steele, stand atop Queen Industries, awaiting the new owner of the company. The new owner, Isabel Rochev, gained control by posing as multiple stockholders and gaining a majority share. She plans to return the company to defense industries, something Oliver Queen's father focused on more than his son.

At a fundraising gala across town, Evan Gibson stands outside hoping for a glimpse of the morally-questionable Mayor Altman and Commissioner Nudocerdo. The guests arrive inside to find that Green Arrow has stolen all of the food and distributed it to the poor people of Star City. On the way home from the event, Nudocerdo is killed by a mysterious man wearing a mask. Green Arrow and Gibson discuss the murder, and the long list of possible suspects. Meanwhile, Rochev orders a hit on Green Arrow. Green Lantern Hal Jordan flies into Star City, over the mysterious forest. His ring cannot for some reason scan the forest, and as he enters the forest his ring fails and he crashes. He comments on the strange nature of the forest, and is answered by Green Arrow, standing beneath a gigantic tree bearing the White Lantern Symbol.

Appearing in "Man of The People"Edit

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