Green Arrow #13
Green Arrow Vol 5-13 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Green Arrow (Volume 5)
Issue Number: 13
First Published: October 3, 2012
Previous Issue: Green Arrow #12
Next Issue: Green Arrow #14

Synopsis for "Suzie Ming's Gauntlet"Edit

Green Arrow faces down against Jin Fang and the Chow Brothers in China, getting revenge after his civilian identity of Oliver Queen was blackmailed and put into a prison because he refused to give up a piece of powerful facial recognition technology in exchange for the majority share of his company. In response to the attack, Jin Fang has literally raised the dead to protect his interests. At first Green Arrow struggles to stay alive when confronted with attacking ghosts, but then he is aided by a skillful swordswoman. This is Suzie Ming, whom Oliver has heard of from Jimmy Crew. Over the course of their battle, Green Arrow and Suzie realize that they can defeat the spirits by burying them underneath the rubble of ancient stone statues on Jin Fang's property. The spirits are impaled on the stone warriors' spears, and the vigilantes escape. Though Oliver is faced with the paradox of being unable to get his company back if he doesn't allow Jin Fang to use his facial recognition software for nefarious purposes, Oliver ultimately decides to give it up. However, unknown to Jin Fang, he has retooled it so that Suzie Ming can watch Jin Fang with it, while he watches others - just to keep an eye on him. Oliver regains his company, and begins his return to Seattle. Over Seattle, Oliver and Jimmy receive reports of flying alien bounty hunters in the city, and he investigates. He discovers Thanagarian Warhawks chasing Hawkman.

Appearing in "Suzie Ming's Gauntlet"Edit

Featured CharactersEdit

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  • China
  • Seattle


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