Henry Fyff
Henry Fyff
General Information
Real name: Henry Fyff
First Appearance: Green Arrow (Vol 5) #18
Created by: Jeff Lemire
Andrea Sorrentino
Affiliations: Formerly:



Henry Fyff is a Former Member of Q-Core who use to work for Oliver Queen before for he was personally fired by Oliver Queen for stalking Naomi Singh. Since being fired he still lives in Seattle in an apartment above the New Dragon restaurant and works for them as a delivery boy. He list his mailing address there as Fyff Communications.

Helping Green ArrowEdit

After his first battle with Komodo Oliver Queen seeks out Henry Fyff help. Oliver Queen also tells him that he is in fact Green Arrow. After learning the truth Henry Fyff chooses to help Green Arrow in his war against Komodo.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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See AlsoEdit

In Other MediaEdit

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