Isabel Rochev
Isabel Rochev Summer Glau-1
General Information
Real name: Isabel Rochev
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Summer Glau



Isabel Rochev also known as Ravager is The Former Vice President of acquisitions at Stellmoor International. Little is known about her, but she is believed to be one of the corrupt individuals who has contributed to the ruination of Starling City. Her name is on Robert Queen's personal book known as The List that he gave to his son Oliver Queen before he died. The company she works for Stellmoor International is a rival of Queen Consolidated and she currently has a goal of acquiring the company for unknown reasons.

Powers and Abilities

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  • Even though her First Official Appearance will be in Season Two of Arrow and played by Actress Summer Glau her name actually made its first appearance on the show in its Pilot Episode as one of the names in The List.


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