Jimmy MacGowan
Richard Dragon Ricardo Diaz Jr
General Information
Real name: Jimmy MacGowan
First Appearance: Green Arrow (Vol 5) #22
Created by: Jeff Lemire
Andrea Sorrentino



Jimmy MacGowan is a Seattle Mob Leader who is a leader of a gang that controls Seattle's Docks. He is a friend of Billy Tockman another Seattle Mob Leader. Recently the two gang leaders along with Jin Fang another Seattle Mob Leader called a truths between themselves because of some unknown growing enemy has be attacking and destroying the various gangs in the city and then taking control of them.


A short time after the meeting he had with the cities local gangs he gets a call from Billy Tockman telling him that their unknown enemy has just killed Jin Fang. All of sudden out of no where the unknown enemy attacks him and introduces himself as Richard Dragon and his mission of taking control of Seattle. After telling him why he is here Richard Dragon then throws Jimmy MacGowan out of the window of his building killing him.

Powers and Abilities

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