John Butcher
John Butcher
General Information
Real name: John Butcher
First Appearance: The Butcher (Vol 1) #1 (May, 1990)
Green Arrow (Vol 5) #20
Created by: Mike Baron
Shea Anton Pensa
Jeff Lemire
Andrea Sorrentino
Affiliations: Axe Clan
The Outsiders
Abilities: Hand to Hand Combat (Advanced)



Pre FlashPoint Origin

John Butcher is a Native American vigilante skilled in both western and eastern fighting methods through years of training, and heavily involved in the teachings of his ancestors. He was at one point a member of the United States Military, although he quit after learning his parents were murdered by organized crime. Since then, he has made it his personal mission to eliminate such terrorist groups through whatever means necessary. John Butcher has been known to work with other heroes such as Green Arrow and the Question in his pursuit of justice.

Post FlashPoint Origin

John Butcher is the wielder of the ancient Axe Totem of The Axe Clan which he is a member of along with being a Former Member of The Outsiders as well. He is friends with Magus who once a Member of of one of the seven clans of The Outsiders centuries ago. Both of them are currently enemies of The Outsiders and have teamed up Green Arrow to take them down.

Post FlashPoint

Meeting Oliver Queen

Knowing that Oliver Queen is on his way to Black Mesa, Arizona and will soon be arriving to find Magus. John Butcher is asked by his friend Magus himself if he can meet up with Oliver Queen as he arrives. Seeing him arrive John Butcher stops Oliver Queen looking like a Police Sheriff hiding his his identity. On Magus's orders John Butcher knocks Oliver Queen out and leaves him in the desert to walk the rest of his way to find Magus which he eventually finds the location of were Magus is staying. After Oliver Queen and Magus finish there conversation Magus leaves him in the good hands of his friend John Butcher. Realizing John Butcher was the one who knocked him out and left him in the desert Oliver Queen shoots and arrow at him only to witness John Butcher wield the power of his Axe Totem Weapon and cut the arrow in half mid flight. Realizing who John Butcher real is Oliver Queen lowers his guard as does John Butcher who explains in a softer manner that they all need to start being friends and trusting each other if there going to have any chance of defeating The Outsiders.

Powers and Abilities


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  • John Butcher's heritage belongs to the Lakota people.


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