Konstantin Kovar
Konstantin Kovar Dolph Lundgren
General Information
Real name: Konstantin Kovar
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Dolph Lundgren



Konstantin Kovar is The Governor of Krasnoyarsk, Russia and High Ranking Government Official with The Country however he is also a crime boss of a Russian Criminal Organization in secret and terrorizes the city with his powerful criminal empire. Taiana Venediktov and her Family were one of his many victims of his terror however she and her Brother were lucky enough to escape his wrath. However just before she died she made Oliver Queen promise to hunt him down in kill him.

Meeting Oliver Queen

During his War with The Solntsevskaya Bratva he ordered his Men to attacked one of their bases where Oliver Queen and Anatoli Knyazev were along with other Members of The Russian Criminal Organization. However some time after the attack he notices Oliver Queen and another Bratva Member in his Casino trying to Bomb it in a counter attack for his previous against The Bratva. However he ordered his Men to ambush the two and bring them to him. After his Men brought the two to him he killed the other Bratva Member and kept Oliver Queen Prisoner.

Powers and Abilities

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