Kurt Lance
Kurt Lance
General Information
Real name: Kurt Lance
First Appearance: Birds of Prey (Vol 3) #8 (Hologram Only)
Teen Titans (Vol 4) #8 (Official Appearance)
Created by: Duane Swierczynski
Jesus Saiz
Scott Lobdell
Ig Guara
Affiliations: Formerly:
Team 7



Believed to be dead, Kurt Lance was Black Canary's husband, who she is believed to have killed, but remains alive as a Former Member of Team 7 working with Amanda Waller.

Believed to Be DeadEdit

When Black Canary decides attempts to create her team the Birds of Prey, there's a rumor going around that she killed a man by shattering his skull. Even her old friend Barbara Gordon seems wary of Dinah and the events surrounding her. Nevertheless, the team is formed and they take on a group of mind controlled assassins called The Cleaners, whose leader Choke alludes to knowing secrets about Dinah's past. Eventually, Dinah, Barbara and Katana are lured into a trap by a group of spies, after a similar murder that resembles the rumor of Dinah's crime happens. Meanwhile, in South Dakota, Starling, a spy herself, searches a secret base for information on a victim, and finds out that the man Dinah apparently killed was named Kurt Lance, her former husband she had never mentioned. Back in Gotham City, after the rest of the Birds escape the trap laid for them by Kurt's former associates, Dinah tearfully admits to her team that three years ago, she did kill her husband. Despite all this happening, in New York, along with Amanda Waller, a man named Kurt Lance, resembling the photo on the file Starling acquired, is investigating damage left by the Teen Titans. During their conversation, Waller alludes to Lance being part of a highly classified team known as Team 7, which Justice League liaison Steve Trevor also once belonged to.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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