Lian Harper
Lian Harper-2
General Information
Real name: Lian Harper
First Appearance: New Teen Titans Vol 2 21
Created by: Marv Wolfman
George Pérez
Affiliations: TBA
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Lian Harper is the daughter of Roy Harper. Roy Harper first met the assassin Cheshire as the Teen Titan Speedy, and they quickly fell in love. He refused to turn her in, and a year later, when Speedy was on a mission to stop Cheshire in Europe, he learned that he was her child's father. Roy gained custody of Lian and has been raising her as a single father. Even though Cheshire and Roy are not together they both love Lian.


Lian was killed in Star City when Prometheus detonated an explosion in Star City. Her body was discovered by Green Arrow and Black Canary, this coupled by the maiming of her father, drove Green Arrow into Killing Prometheus with an arrow to the head.


After Lian's death, Roy Harper, her father, became insane. He blamed himself for not being there to protect her, or at least to be by her side. He visited her corpse in the morgue and cried as he had never done it before. He killed her murderer. Recently, Cheshire found him in the cemetery. She said it was his fault what happened to her daughter, but she tried to make a deal with him. She proposed that they team up to kill Deathstroke. Then, when he sees Deathstroke next he almost shot him with an arrow, but he failed on purpose. He asked Deathstroke to be part of his team. He accepted and now, Arsenal, is part of Deathstroke's Titans.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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  • Because of her father's job Lian has several nannies which have included Martin and Erika Santos who are friends of her dad and are government spies, then there was Chanda Madan a Middle-Eastern Teenager. Her Current Nannie is Rose Wilson.


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