General Information
Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: Green Arrow (Vol 5) #1
Created by: J.T. Krul
Dan Jurgens
George Pérez
Affiliations: Formerly
Suicide Squad



With her twin sister Lime, Light was part of the thrill-seeking crime duo known as Lime and Light. They hoped to gain fame by taking on the Green Arrow in Seattle, but he defeated them, and they were sent to Belle Reve prison.

Suicide Squad

Some time later, they were recruited by Amanda Waller into the Suicide Squad. Their first mission was to help find and capture the escaped Harley Quinn in Gotham City. When her sister ended up cornered by the GCPD, she attempted to turn herself in, and give up Amanda Waller's Task Force X program. In response, Waller activated the nanobomb in Lime's neck, and her head exploded. Light watched from the roof of a nearby building, realizing that she would have to stay with the squad indefinitely. Her next mission was to help find and retrieve the Resurrection Man in Metropolis. When Mitch Shelley began his resurrection, Light and Deadshot ran off to the caverns. Light lost control of her surroundings and tells Deadshot that Waller would die by her hands for killing Lime. Deadshot pulled her close and shot her in the stomach and left her there to die.

Powers and Abilities



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