Merry Men
Green Arrow's Merry Men
General Information
Founder(s): Green Arrow
Leader(s): Green Arrow
Current Members: Speedy
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Star City



A group of heroes who fight alongside Green Arrow to protect Star City. The team that will help Green Arrow is currently shrouded in mystery but it is known that there are four. One of whom will be a swordsman and another will be an archer like Green Arrow himself. Possibly his former sidekick Speedy (Mia Dearden).

Galahad The KnightEdit

After the presumed death of Green Arrow where an arrow was shot to his head, Green Arrow fell to the ground helpless with a pack of wolves were ready to attack. Suddenly Galahad appears and defends Oliver from the wolves, sending them away. Then Galahad lifts Oliver to the forest waters to heal him from the wound. Afterward he explains how he has arrived to the forest and how a knight fights against himself.




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In Other MediaEdit

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