Case of the Namesake Murders
General Information
Series: More Fun Comics
Issue Number: 73
First Published: November 1941
Previous Issue: More Fun Comics #72
Next Issue: More Fun Comics #74

More Fun Comics #73 is the first comic to feature Green Arrow and Speedy.


After a refugee ship is fired upon by a German U-Boat, the captain decides to kill the survivors in their lifeboat to cover his mistake. However, a strange swimmer prevents the destruction of the lifeboat and attacks the U-boat. The bad guys flee, and the strange man takes the lifeboat to shore with the help of some porpoises.

The captain of the sunken boat asks the swimmer who he is and what land he is from. The man replies "From no land. My name is Aquaman!" He then tells the captain of his father, a famous undersea explorer, who discovered Atlantis and taught his son to live under the ocean. Aquaman cuts off the tale abruptly and goes to find the U-Boat and settle accounts.

The U-Boat captain tells his superior about Aquaman, but is not believed until Aquaman himself arrives and sinks the U-Boat in its dock. He then attacks the bad guys directly, but is knocked out when they run into their arsenal and drop a sledgehammer on him. They bind him and dump him into the ocean.

Aquaman uses some plants to send a distress signal to the porpoises, who lift him up to where he can break his bonds. He attacks the bad guys again. The commander runs into the arsenal and throws a grenade at Aquaman, who throws it back. With the weapons and submarine destroyed, Aquaman goes back to the oceans.



  • Green Arrow (First appearance)
  • Amos Socrates (First and only known appearance to date)
  • Anthony Caesar (Dies in this issue)
  • Ezra Samson (First and only known appearance to date)
  • Frank D'Arcy (First and only known appearance to date)
  • George Lincoln (Dies in this issue)
  • John Hale (Dies in this issue)
  • Leonard Achilles (Dies in this issue)
  • Mugsy Smith (First and only known appearance to date)
  • Speedy (First appearance)