Mother Mayhem
Mother Mayhem Ana Mercedes
General Information
Real name: Maya Resik
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Ana Mercedes



Maya Resik also known Mother Mayhem was the wife of the late Sebastian Sangre and the mother of the late Sebastian Blood. She was locked away in Starling City's St. Walker's Hospital a psychiatric ward for the secrets she knew about her son and also because she was blamed for the murder of her husband which was in fact done by her son. Recently she was visited by Dinah Laurel Lance trying to get information about her son which she ended up telling her. However her son found out about the visit between the two and confronted her and ended up killing her for what she had done.

Powers and Abilities

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  • Maya Resik's name is the fusion of the names of 2 DC Comics Characters who received The Mother Mayhem Identity and became Wives and Mothers of Brother Blood in the DC Comics; May Bennett and Anna Resik.

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