Rainbow Archer
Rainbow Archer
General Information
Real name: Albrecht Raines
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #246 (March, 1958)
Created by: Ed Herron
George Papp



An adversary of the Green Arrow. Albrecht Raines was an unsuccessful artist, who was first tracked down by Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow and Speedy because of counterfeiting. As a result Raines craftet a set of colored arrows and became an enemy of the Green Arrow, calling himself the Rainbow Archer. At one point he was apprehended and off the streets for some time. After his release he once again crossed paths with Green Arrow and also sometimes worked together with other members of his rogues gallery. When he did some dirty work for a crime boss he was captured by Green Arrow and Black Canary. He has since retired from crime.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Quiver


  • Bow and Arrow


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See Also

In Other Media

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