Republic of Kasnia
Republic of Kasnia Arrow TV Show
General Information
Official name: Republic of Kasnia
Created by: Greg Berlanti
Marc Guggenheim
Andrew Kreisberg
First Appearance: Arrow
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol
Planet: Earth
Country: Europe
State: Eastern Europe
Locale: Balkans



The Republic of Kasnia is a Country in Eastern Europe near The Balkans. It was recently the location of a black ops hostage war type situation between Joseph Cray a United States of America Senator backed by hired Mercenaries and The Suicide Squad. The Suicide Squad eventually won the battle at the cost of one of their Team Members Deadshot who sacrificed himself to save his Team and the hostages along with stopping Joseph Cray and his Mercenaries.

Points of Interest


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Other Locations

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Current Residents

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Former Residents


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