Richard Dragon
Richard Dragon Ricardo Diaz Jr-1
General Information
Real name: Ricardo Diaz Jr.
First Appearance: Green Arrow (Vol 5) #23
Created by: Jeff Lemire
Andrea Sorrentino
Affiliations: The Longbow Hunters
League of Assassins
Portrayed by: Kirk Acevedo
Max Archibald (Young)



Ricardo Diaz Jr. also known as Richard Dragon is a Vigilante and The Founder and Leader of The Longbow Hunters and Former Member of The League of Assassins. He is the son of Ricardo Diaz Sr. a corrupt businessman who was taken down and killed by John Diggle using the Green Arrow name and uniform during the mission. Learning that Green Arrow killed his father he travel to 'Eth Alth'eban home of The League of Assassins where he became a Member of the group and trained under the original Richard Dragon. However some unknown amount of time later he killed his master taking his name and leaving the group to continue his journey of revenge.

Journey of Revenge

He recently arrived in Seattle and started taking over many of the cities major gangs by killing off the gang leaders that control them. He has killed off Jin Fang who controlled Chinatown and Jimmy MacGowan who controlled the Waterfront of Seattle. His next target is the Street Corners who are still currently controlled by Billy Tockman. In the end all he wants is control over Seattle and destroy everything in Green Arrow Life.

Warning to Green Arrow

During Count Vertigo's recent attack on Seattle he intercepted Shado on her way to fight Count Vertigo and easily defeated her but before he beat her he told her to deliver a message to Green Arrow. The warning message "nothing else would happen in Seattle unless he wants it to and to give Green Arrow an ultimatum. He can either follow the new rules or there won't be room for him anymore."

The Longbow Hunters

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Powers and Abilities


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  • Hand to Hand Combat (Advanced): Extremely adept in combat, to the point of being able to analyze and pinpoint weaknesses and strengths in opposing combat strategies instantaneously and adapt accordingly.



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