Robert Queen
Robert Queen
General Information
Real name: Robert Henry Queen
First Appearance: Green Arrow Annual Vol 2 #7 (1995)
Created by: Mike Grell
Mike Collins
Affiliations: Queen Industries
Arrow Clan
Portrayed by: Jonathan Scarfe
Jamey Sheridan



Robert Queen is a millionaire industrialist married to Moira Queen and the father of young Oliver Queen, who would grow up to become the Green Arrow. They married while Robert was a naval officer in the pacific during World War II. He would go on to become the founder and C.E.O. of Queen Industries, which built a great deal of Star City. At an early age, he bought his son a bow and arrow for christmas, mildly traumatizing young Oliver when he accidentally killed a rabbit. Years later the family all went on safari together in Africa alongside Congo Bill as their guide, but Oliver refused to hunt any animals. His father encourage him to help as they were curbing the population, and not to be so scared all the time, but he relented and allowed Oliver to sit at their campsite. Suddenly lions attacked the group and killed Robert and Moira, leaving only Oliver and Congo Bill. Oliver was able to pick up his bow in self-defense to fight back, but his unwillingness and hesitation cost his parents their lives. To this day he still blames himself for their deaths.

Powers and Abilities

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  • Robert Queen is descended from Sir Robert Queen The Earle of Dornee, rumored to be a descendant of Robin Hood himself.


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