General Information
Real name: Roy Harper
Media: Teen Titans
Portrayed by: Mike Erwin (voice)
Equipment: Bow and Arrow, Trick Arrows
Transportation: T-jet


No history for Speedy was revealed on Teen Titans.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He displays excellent archery skills, along with some martial-arts skills.


He made a cameo appearance in the show's finale, Titans Together (part 1 & 2), and Calling All Titans. But was a main character in the following episodes:

  • Winner Take All
  • Titans East, Part 1 & 2
  • For Real

Speedy's stats (episode: For Real)


  • In Winner Take All, it is joked that Speedy is a "clone" of Robin.
  • Also, in For Real, Speedy is mistaken for Robin by a young boy.
  • In the comics, Speedy has a romantic involvement with Cheshire. There is a foreshadow of this when Cheshire is sent to capture Speedy in Calling All Titans.
  • In the show, Speedy is more concerned with how he looks (his hair),rather than other versions of this character.

Speedy is upset that he is mistaken for Robin (episode: For Real)

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