Team 7
Team 7 Vol 2-7 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Team 7
Issue Number: 7
First Published: April 10, 2013
Previous Issue: Team 7 #6
Next Issue: Team 7 #8

Synopsis for "Mission 2.3: Majestic"

Team 7 Vol 2-7 Cover-2

Team 7 (Volume 2) Issue #7 Cover-2

In pursuit of stopping Kaizen Gamorra, John Lynch has sent Team 7 to Gamorra Island. Though Team 7 people against an entire nation seems unfair, the Team is accompanied by the Majestic a metahuman weapon that is the equivalent of an H-bomb. When the team sets down on the island, they are immediately set upon by Basilisk agents, and are outnumbered and outgunned. When Kurt Lance is wounded, his wife Dinah begins to panic, and unleashes a scream that is so powerful she splits skulls and bursts eardrums, essentially destroying their attackers completely. This was planned all along. John Lynch had selected her in part because of her having tested positive for the metagene. He had merely wakened her from dormancy. Breaking into Kaizen's compound, they discover a room where several precognitive children are kept. Though they are not especially loyal to Kaizen, the children warn of a future of doom. In that future, Pandora's Box is opened, and Majestic fighting Pandora herself while Dinah, Slade, and Cole would become far more powerful and dangerous than John Lynch had ever expected. This is the world that will be, if Kaizen is not stopped. As Kaizen approaches the box himself, Majestic has also seen the vision, and flees. None of the team can do anything to prevent Kaizen from opening the box, as he is too powerful. Majestic, however, is not fleeing in fear. He flies up into outer space, and with pinpoint accuracy, he approaches the speed of light as he rockets back toward the earth and plunges into the ocean nearby. The impact is so powerful that a massive wave threatens to submerge the entire island. Within moments, everyone there will drown, including Kaizen Gamorra. If this plan succeeds, Majestic will have stopped that dark future from coming to pass.

Appearing in "Mission 2.3: Majestic"

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