Tomb of The Arrow Clan
Arrow Clan
General Information
Official name: The Tomb of The Arrow Clan
Created by: Jeff Lemire
Andrea Sorrentino
First Appearance: Green Arrow (Vol 5) #26
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol
Planet: Prime Earth
Country: Fiji
Locale: The Island



The Tomb of The Arrow Clan is located on The Island which is one of The Fiji Islands located within The Pacific Ocean. It's one of the main bases for The Arrow Clan and it's located within The Island in a underground cave. The Tomb also holds the Arrow Clan's most powerful weapon the Arrow Totem as well. The location of The Tomb is currently known to main Members of The Arrow Clan which are Robert Queen, Shado and most recently Green Arrow. However others who know the location are certain Members of The Outsiders as well like Golgotha and Kodiak.

The Outsiders War

With The Outsiders War having started between Green Arrow, Shado, The Arrow Clan and The Other Rogue Clans of The Outsiders having declared War against The Outsiders The Tomb was recently entered by Green Arrow and Shado recently in search of The Arrow Totem. However during their search they were attacked by The Shield Clan and it's Leader Kodiak. During the battle Green Arrow and Shado were able together to defeat The Members of The Shield Clan however they were no match for battling Kodiak so the two decided to retreat instead so they would be able to fight another time. Leaving the battle the two also left the entrance to The Tomb open for others to enter. The two eventually came upon another base location of The Arrow Clan on The Island which the current leader resides who has The Arrow Totem. The leader is revealed to actually be Green Arrow's Father Robert Queen.




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