Tommy Merlyn
Tommy Merlyn Colin Donnell
General Information
Real name: Tommy Merlyn
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Colin Donnell
Arien Boey (Young)
Transportation: Mercedes McLaren



Thomas "Tommy" Merlyn (born 1984) is a playboy "trustafarian", and the best friend of Oliver Queen. During Oliver's absence, he develops an on-again/off again relationship with Laurel Lance. When Oliver returns to Starling City, Tommy believes the good times will roll again, but is greatly mistaken as his father tires of his playboy lifestyle, and Oliver is a changed man. Tommy's father eventually decide that Tommy's "chronic irresponsibility and terminal laziness" make him unfit to inherit the family legacy and freezes all his assets.

Powers and Abilities

  • Coming Soon





  • Tommy was the First Main Character of Arrow to die.

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